Our Skills - Your Projects

AM Art & Graphics was founded in 2004 by Anja Mohn in Brooklyn, New York. The studio’s driving idea is to make the insight and quality of fine art available to projects outside the realm of galleries and museums.

Anja Mohn is a visual artist and designer with 15 years of experience. Anja holds two advanced degrees from European and NYC art and design schools. Her artwork has been shown internationally and reviewed in major media. Her solid foundation in fine arts and her in-depth knowledge of the visual language and its psychology are the basis of her strong layout and photo editing skills.

Anja completes smaller projects on her own and works with a team of photographers, videographers, composers, graphic artists, and animators to accomplish larger projects.

Contracts range from print and digital graphic designs, such as multimedia presentations, catalogs, brochures, flyers and promotional items to multi-disciplinary projects like promotional film production, and art direction and photo editing for marketing products and online presence.

Clients include corporations, organizations and individuals
from the marketing, PR, the tourism, and cultural sectors:

• German National Tourist Office New York
• Kwittken & Company, PR Agency
• European Tourism Association
• Goethe Institute New York
• Alpine Tourism Association
• German Information Center, Washington D.C.
• ARK Media LLC (for PBS)
• Partisan Pictures (for National Geographic)